BUY KAMA KUSH CBD ONLINE, Working with a variety of Kush, we have crossed this with a variety rich in CBD, achieving a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1.

From a morphological point of view, this is a classic Indica, with solid compact buds, which may not appear thick, but will amaze you with their weight.

Our Kama Kush CBD is resistant to high temperatures and to dry climates. The branches are strong and thick making this a highly robust plant in strong winds. It requires little extra fertilizer.

Its cannabinoid content will give you a pleasingly relaxing Indica effect with a feeling of total body well-being, without becoming too heavy.

Kama Kush CBD has a relaxing effect. It is known to be high in productivity and also has a high medicinal value.

It delivers a citrusy taste and smell.

Planting Indoors…

The flowering cycle is 55 days and delivers a yield of approximately 500g per m2.

Planting Outdoors…

Harvest at the end of September. The average height will be 200cm, with an expected yield of 800g per plant.

This marijuana plant is born from the cross between an elite clone of Kush genetics and a variety with a high concentration of CBD, achieving ratios between CBD / THC of 2: 1.

A natural medicine within reach of anyone Kama Kush CBD is easy to grow, its big flowers are loaded with aromatic resin and is perfect for growing in warm climates like the Mediterranean.

The flavor of its flowers is sweet with spicy nuances and its effect is typically indica but more controlled thanks to the CBD and its low level of THC. A perfect marijuana to relieve muscle aches and treat insomnia problems.
The Spanish bank went to work a couple of years ago in varieties with high cannabidiol content and these seeds are their first achievement.
Enjoy it and tell us about the experience.

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